The Vision

(Peter) Moshe Loth has been blessed by a curse.  His experience has become an example from which mankind can learn.  His story is unique.  Having lived through great tribulation, pain, and brokenness, Mr. Loth is able to communicate an outlook on life that is inspiring and life-changing. His entire life has become a herald for love, peace, and connection to God.  Regardless of religion, race, or creed; whether one is rich or poor; educated or not, this story has the ability to break the hardest of hearts.

His vision is simple and yet profound.  Mr. Loth has been impassioned with a sense of accountability for others who have been hurt, abused, rejected, abandoned, bullied, discriminated against – taking it upon himself to share his experiences for the purpose of making a difference in their lives.

Mr. Loth’s powerfully humble presence commands, at some level, an attitude of compassion from every audience privileged to interact with him.