What is your definition of anti-semitism?

By Moshe (Peter) Loth

A poll by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism in Great Britain found that 58% of the Jewish people in the UK fear they have no future in Europe.  The article showed a picture of a stone wall on which was written “All Jewish Must Die.”

Hmmm…..do ANY Jews have hope of a future in ANY country? 

I lived my childhood under communism – no allowance for public displays of religion there.  So I had no religion.

Then I moved to the US – one nation under “God.”  The Constitution protects “freedom of religion.” 

In my 50s, I discovered I had been born in a concentration camp and that my mother had been arrested by the Gestapo (while pregnant with me) because she was Jewish. 

Wow, I am Jewish.  So, I researched and studied my Jewish heritage and discovered that the Jewish people live by the same Torah and Tanakh (known to many as the “Old Testament”) that they have for over 3000 years.

I prayed to God and asked for His will for MY life.  He gave me life through a Jewish woman.  I am Jewish.  What do I need to do?  From my study, I learned that God Himself commanded Jewish men to study Torah, to wear tzitzit, to celebrate the Sabbath – FOREVER.  I began to obey, to follow God’s commands.  And then as I study, I found my way back to Judaism.

As I share this journey with my friends, (not trying to change them in any way) I am shocked at the anger on their faces and the venom in their words.  Several friends tell me that they can no longer associate with me.  I am literally accosted and harassed by people who want to argue the Scriptures with me, but will absolutely not allow me to show them Scriptures which I have studied. 

Why?  Where is FREEDOM OF RELIGION?  Why can’t I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and follow the commands God gave to the people of Israel?  I am Jewish, but my “friends” won’t allow me to be who God created me to be. 

Here I am in the United States with freedom of religion protected by the Constitution.  Most Jewish people would feel safe from violent attacks here, right? Perhaps, but even here the future is bleak for the Jewish people because instead of being able to live together as one nation under God, the Jews are constantly being attacked by “well-meaning” people who want them to “vanish” by giving up their identity and their core beliefs in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The stone wall in the US could read “All Jewish Must Convert.”

Anti-semitism – what is it really?  It may lead to terror and murder, but it begins in the hearts of people who won’t accept anyone with a different religious belief system, racial profile, political view, or agenda.